about us

Institute Of Modern Technology Montenegro is a private Scientific Research institution in the field of information and communication technologies, established with the aim of supporting the economic development of Montenegro as a knowledge-based society. A team of researchers who are engaged at the Institute have ambitions to increase of efficiency of scientific and research activity, the use of scientific findings and research results into practice, and thereby contribute to a better positioning of our country in the world in the field of scientific research. In order to achieve these goals, we are oriented towards achieving international standards in science and research activities, as well as on establishing cooperation with other academic research institutions, commercial entities, regarding the implementation of programs and projects, and then, turning to the European Research Area, Framework Programs for scientific research and other international programs and projects.


Main activity of the Institute is the realization of international competitive, basic research programs and projects in order to acquire new and improve existing knowledge, and the realization of basic research programs and projects within the framework of national strategic priorities of Montenegro. Special attention will be directed to the research field of information and communication technologies, as follows:
Internet technologies: Web Information Systems and Web Data Management; Visual Information Systems; Network Multimedia
e-Health: (Semi-)automatization of primary and seciundary health care systems; (Semi-)automatization of medications management; Optimizations of medical data and multimedia records; e-Health for disabled people
e-Education: Online Collaborative learning; Personalized learning; Dynamic learning environment
Software Engineering: Methodology of Software Engineering; Information Visualization; Software Architecture; Semantic technologies; Artificial Intelligence; Requirement Engineering
Cyber Security: Cyber Technology Evaluation and Transition; Cyber Security User Protection & Education; Security of Mobile banking; Investigative Data Analysis; Legal Concepts Related to Technology Investigations
ICT Standardization: e-Health and standardization; Economics of standardization; Standardization and regulation; Standardization in public policy; Standards for information infrastructures; Technological innovation and standardization; Tools and services related to standardization

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