ME Cyber Educational Center


The mission of the MCEC is to develop and disseminate knowledge and awareness on Cyber Security, creating the conditions for improving capabilities, skills, cooperation and communication between the different stakeholders involved in the use and protection of internet.

MCEC Objectives:

In order that this purpose can be achieved, the MCEC intends to bring together the highest level of organizational and technical resources for the purposes of, for example:

a) education, training, qualification and professional development, with a particular focus on students and graduates from Montenegro, on senior managers, officials and technicians in public administration, in critical infrastructure and in operators in the private sector and on officials and operating units in the police force;

b) raising awareness among Montenegrin nation aimed on organising events, preparing and distributing materials and brochures with topics about cyber security issues;

c) promoting and establishing educational partnerships with organizations and bodies operating in the field of Cyber Security on a national, EU and international level;

d) promoting, organizing and supporting work groups and interest groups on a national level made up of various types of organizations and bodies (governments, the private sector, the academic world, the research world, industry and the media) in order to pool skills and know-how and for the purposes of ‘Information Sharing’ where Cyber Security is concerned;

e) setting up open educational platform aimed on centralizing and distributing learning materials in the field of Cyber Security with different levels of expertise and multidisciplinary approaches;

f) organizing specialized trainings for professionals in different fields of cyber security by inviting leading experts at national, international and global levels;

g) monitoring Cyber Security in Montenegro and in other countries, including the monitoring of security events, the analysis of threats, the correlation and analysis of information collected by the Founder, the Associate Founders, the Participant Members and the partner organizations;

h) organizing and/or supporting events and any other work furthering the purpose of the MCEC and raising awareness of the results of the MCEC’s work;


MCEC Distance Learning System:


In order that planned activities can be achieved, MCEC will:

– Create and establish educational programs for different categories of users and citizens in Montenegro
– Create and establish Moodle platform titled MCEC Distance Learning System structured in accordance with created educational programs
– Create educational materials by
(i) selecting the most appropriate open access materials,
(ii) cooperating with partner institutions at international and global levels (e.g. Global Cyber Security Centre from Italy – ECESM partner institutions, etc.) on allowing to use and distribute materials created by themselves, and
(iii) use IMTM and national resources to create additional materials

– Promote established Moodle platform and enable open access to created learning materials (in respect to rules for using materials shared by third parties – see previous bullet) for broader public and citizens
– Promote established Moodle platform among businesses and other institutions at national level, aimed on establishing sustainable cooperation with MCEC for education and training in Cyber security.

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MCEC Activities:


  • September 2016- New IPA projects: We are pleased to announce that IMTM have different roles at new IPA Europe/Aid/136938/ID/ACT/ME projects – as coordinator at one, and as partner at the other project.The participation in these projects will significantly enhance ECESM project sustainability, as MCEC will be the hub of training and workshop organization related to security issues in both, medical information systems and cloud based solutions.

IMTM, as coordinator at project  „Modern technology development for Health Information System in Montenegro” (ref. no. CFCU/MNE/010), must provide adequate education and organize workshops about security of health-care information systems. The prospect of storing health information in electronic form raises concerns about patient privacy and data security. Any attempt to introduce computerised health-care information systems should guarantee adequate protection of the confidentiality and integrity of patient information. At the same time, the patient information also needs to be readily available to all authorised health-care providers, in order to ensure the proper treatment of the patient. The planned trainings should provide solutions to overcome the security problems.


The other project, Market oriented research on SME perspective about cloud computing solutions in ME” (ref. no. CFCU/MNE/015), analyze possibilities of use cloud systems in regular business activities in SME in order to reduce its expenditures. The protection of confidential and sensitive information in cloud is very complex. As partner institution, IMTM should provide trainings to enclose and inform managers how they can control or restrict end user access to data in cloud.

The School Portal has been created to provide support to teachers, as a source of information and materials that will help them in their regular work. On this site they can find a collection of regulations, many useful links, manuals and the other interesting materials. Teaching staff from all primary and secondary schools in Montenegro have accounts on this portal.

The promotion of MCEC on this site is a good way to inform and attract professors to use modern, latest techniques and materials about cyber security in the teaching process, and thus transfer new knowledge on students. This approach of preparing class will give significant contribution in raising awareness and extending knowledge about cyber security.

Upcoming activities:

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