In 2017, 30th anniversary of the Erasmus Programme is being celebrated all around Europe.
The original Erasmus programme began in 1987 as an exchange programme giving higher education students a taste of life and learning abroad. Since the launch of Erasmus programme 9 million people participated in the programme (4,4 millions higher education students exchanges have been realized, 1,4 millions youth exchanges, 1,3 vocational training learners, 1,8 millions education staff and youth workers, 100 000 European volunteers and 100 000 Erasmus Mundus students and staff exchanges).
For the thirty years, Erasmus grew and has developed into something much bigger, which is reflected in the addition of the ‘+’ in 2014 to create Erasmus+ . Today, Erasmus+ funds thousands of opportunities a year, for students, staff, teachers, apprentices and young people, from across education, training, youth and sport.
One of the promotional events that will be organized in Montenegro is planned for 21st April 2017 at the Rectorate of the University of Montenegro.

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