– E-CRIME Final Conference, 24th March 2017 at The National Gallery, Trafalgar Square, London

IMTM representatives attended the E-CRIME Final Conference in London (UK), on 24th March 2017.

The conference marked the end of the E-CRIME project and represented the culmination of three years of collaborative research. E-CRIME (The Economic Impacts of Cyber Crime) is a three year project that started in April 2014 and finished in March 2017. The aim of the project was  to  reconstruct the spread and development of cyber crime in non-information and communications technology (non-ICT) sectors from the perspective of its economic impact on the key fabrics (i.e., economic and social) and different levels of European society, while also identifying and developing concrete measures to manage and deter cyber crime.

The final conference was specifically focussed on presenting an audience of stakeholders with the sector specific knowledge, methods, recommendations and tools for managing cybercrime risk, that they can take away and implement within their own sectors and organisations. The conference was entirely focused on providing an attendees with practical, exploitable knowledge and products, that included: an Awareness Training Programme for cyber security teams, and a Framework for conducting cost/benefit analyses on future security products to determine the efficacy of adoption.

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