The need for professionals in the field of cyber forensics, cyber investigations, and cyber-based policy and law is ever present and ever growing. What was once primarily a concern of providing security to individual computers now stretches into the realm of providing security for protection of our nations infrastructures, protection of our homeland from sophisticated criminals and terrorists, protection of our children from on-line predators and pedophiles, and prevention of these groups from using the Internet and Internet technology to further their agenda. IMTM conducts research in the areas of Data and Applications Security, Programming Language Security and Network Security. IMTM plans, coordinates, manages, and conducts activities to secure the cyberspace; works with relevant research organizations, critical infrastructure operators and developers at national and European level.


– Perform research to enhance and strengthen the security of computer systems and networks
– Foster interaction between Government, Industry and Academia in the field of Information Assurance
– Develop and teach a strong cyber security program which includes courses for cyber-crime prevention, detection and analysis
– Initiate interdisciplinary programs integrating social sciences and information sciences
– Transfer the technologies developed at the university to commercial development efforts

Specific areas:

– Cyber Technology Evaluation and Transition
– Cyber Security User Protection & Education
– Security of Mobile banking
– Investigative Data Analysis
– Legal Concepts Related to Technology Investigations


    • We are honored that Montenegrin Cyber Educo Center (MCEC) will be one of the first occupants at Tehnopolis, Nikšić. It is great opportunity for MCEC to continue its development and work in innovative environment.

      From 17th September, the official address of MCEC will be IPC Tehnopolis, Radoja Dakića bb, Nikšić.Innovative entrepreneurship centre TEHNOPOLIS is the first part of the capital project of the Government of Montenegro – creation of Science and Technology Park Montenegro.

      Tehnopolis provides support for development of micro, small and medium enterprises in Montenegro, as well as supporting establishment new enterprises and providing help to existing enterprises. In Tehnopolis’ focus is providing support to enterprises in scientific research area, innovative technologies and the other areas with high level of growth potential.



  • Montenegrin Cyber Educo Center (MCEC) is published as a part of Tempus project ‘Enhancment of Cyber Educational System in Montenegro’.

    The mission of MCEC is to develop and disseminate knowledge and awareness on cyber security, creating the conditions for improving capabilities, skills, cooperation and communication between different stakeholders involve in the use and protection of Internet.

    Thanks to great sustainability strategy MCEC will continue its work after project realization, as separate department at IMTM.