IMTM’s research focuses on software and information technologies, often with a distinguishing interest on human aspects. Our research programs are characterized by collaborative work spanning emphases. They are carried out by multiple Faculty in different schools/universities, leveraging a variety of perspectives. ISR projects encompass multiple activities, and focus on building technologies and addressing actual problems in practice. Our work is empirically grounded through cooperative research partnerships with industry. Such partnerships take many forms, including field site studies, technology transition, industry-sponsored research, and industry partners on proposals.


– Advance the state of the art in Software Engineering
– Foster innovative basic and applied research in software and information technologies
– Work with established companies, start-ups, government agencies, and standards bodies to develop and transition the technologies to widespread and practical application;

Specific areas:

– Methodology of Software Engineering
– Information Visualization
– Software Architecture
– Semantic technologies
– Artificial Intelligence
– Requirement Engineering


  • New IPA Project led by IMTM: ‘Modern technology development for Health Information System in Montenegro’
  • New IPA Project (IMTM is Consortium Member): ‘Market oriented research on SME perspective about cloud computing solutions in ME’