This multi-facetted group works with business and industry on research projects involving:
– Design and development of prototype devices, systems and applications
– Analysis, testing and evaluation of new technologies
– Commercialization and licensing of new technologies and products


Implemented projects include developed information systems, web portals, e-learning platforms, mobile applications, naming just a few most referenced:

  • 2017-  Development of specialized software for education of children with disabilities
    • Fields: mathematics, computational literacy, linguistic exercises, lifestyle skills and drawing

         Sub-contract within IPA CBC Serbia Montenegro project “Support to Inclusive Education and  Training for Everyday Life for Children and Youth with Disabilities” (Reference No.: EuropeAid/137273/DD/ACT/Multi: IPA No 2016/378 273_12)

  • 2014 – 2015 – Platform for the Information Technology Aimed at Getting Opportunities to Reduce ICT gap in the Adriatic area – PITAGORA
    IMTMs’ role in the project was:

    • The development of a Document Management System (DMS)
    • Developing a software for the monitoring of fleet resources, monitoring fleet serves, monitoring inventories, etc
    • Mobile software applications for the application, verification, waste timetable for enterprises and private consumers including live tracking of vehicles (Android app: The Clean Environment Budva)
    • Processing of the web portal for application waste for enterprises
    • Installation of WiFi network for the Utility Service at Trg Sunca (hotspot)
    • Implementation of GPS system
  • 2013-2014- Modernization of business process at Adriatic Fair Company Budva
    Beneficiary institution: Adriatic Fair Company, Budva Montenegro
  • 2014- Development and implementation of integrated quality management system
    Beneficiary institution: ConnexIT LLP, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Implementation of web portals 
    Beneficiary companies:

  • 2012 – Development and implementation of Distance Learning Management System and Information System of Student Service Office
    Beneficiary universities:

    • Information system Faculty for transport and communication management, Berane, Montenegro (August 2012)
    • Faculty of business and hospitality, Budva Montenegro (September 2012)
    • Faculty of management, Herceg Novi, Montenegro (September 2012)
    • Faculty of business education, Bar, Montenegro (December 2012)

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