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With advances in Internet and World Wide Web Technologies, the design, implementation and management of Web-based systems and applications has become increasingly important. As more and more resources are available over the internet, effective and efficient tools are in high demand for information consumers/users to locate, manage and exchange disparate information available from different resources. 



The Internet and related digital technologies have spawned the burgeoning growth of an information revolution in health care. Emerging evidence provides support for the beneficial effects of online interactive eHealth programs, although many challenges remain with respect to research approaches to methodology, implementation, and evaluation.



With advances in Internet and World Wide Web Technologies, a broad array of solutions that enhance knowledge and performance are delivered. E-learning represents a brend videly aceppted by almost all participants included in learning process, and for both, learners and teachers, it is one of the fastest growing trends in educational uses of technology.



IMTM’s research focuses on software and information technologies, often with a distinguishing interest on human aspects. Our research programs are characterized by collaborative work spanning emphases. They are carried out by multiple faculty in different schools/universities, leveraging a variety of perspectives.


Staying protected against cyber-security threats requires all users, ranging from children and their parents to the most sophisticated users, to be aware of the risks and improve their security practices on an ongoing basis. IMTM researchers are focused on building new research capacities in cyber security in Montenegro and strengthening cooperation and collaboration research communities among Western Balkan countries and in connection with EU internationally-leading research partner institutions.


Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is a major driver of competitiveness and represents one of the key industrial sectors of the 21st century. Standardisation is a voluntary cooperation among industry, consumers, public authorities and other interested parties for the development of technical specifications.